What does Whitespace do?

We are a waste management software supplier that helps organisations manage their waste operations and accurately collect valuable performance data to inform future strategic decisions. Our solutions have been well received by the waste industry and have been used in other task orientated organisations like deliveries and pest control.

What is Waste Management Software?

Waste management software is designed to help organisations efficiently manage their waste-handling operations. Our software aids in planning, executing, and monitoring the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing operational efficiency. It enables users to collect valuable data on their operations, which can be analysed to inform strategic decisions and improve performance. By automating various aspects of waste management processes, such software reduces reliance on paper, minimises manual errors, and streamlines workflows.

What types of businesses do you serve?

Our solutions are available to both public and private sector organisations. Currently we help over 100 local authorities across the UK and 10 large public sector contractors with their waste collection operations. Some of our solutions are also used by small private organisations working in various industries like luxury good deliveries and pest control.

Is waste management software a good investment and what are the key benefits?

Depending on how your operational processes have been set up, investing in waste management solutions may help you work more effectively.

Managing your operations using a fully integrated software solution will reduce your reliance on paper and lead to fewer manual errors. It will accurately capture data to provide valuable insight into your teams’ performance, informing any strategic decisions, and its automation functionality will reduce your administrative time. This will result in fewer enquiries and increase your levels of customer satisfaction.

Our infographic shows how we have helped some councils and we have a range of case studies if you wish to learn more about our solutions.

Can your solutions reduce the number of missed collections?

Yes, using our job management solutions requires your team to complete their jobs in a methodical manner, encouraging them to look at each one individually and carry out the necessary actions before moving to the next one.

If a crew member does not see the resident’s bin by the curb, they can take a picture of the scene as evidence, add any notes and send it to the council’s system where it will be stored alongside a date and time. When the resident calls to enquire why their bin was not picked up, the customer services team will have access to the data and can provide an explanation.

This approach encourages residents to engage with their councils, working together to solve issues, resulting in a closer and more engaged community.

What is route planning and why is it important?

Route planning is the process of calculating multiple paths a vehicle can travel using data of the area such as traffic, narrow roads or areas that require extra awareness like schools. Using this information, you can then set a route that is fuel efficient, quick and causes minimal disruption to local residents.

How can I monitor my commercial waste management operations?

Measuring the success of waste management operations is important to any organisation. Whitespace Commercial can be used to manage your teams’ jobs and collect valuable data on their performance, helping you evaluate your operations and drive efficiencies.

Why choose Whitespace?

We have been operating for over 15 years, building a wealth of experience in understanding the challenges organisations have managing their operations. Using this knowledge, we have shaped our solutions to meet the needs of the market and formed meaningful, long term relationships with our customers.

In 2019 we were pleased to have achieved a 99% customer retention rate and in 2020 we increased this to 100%. This demonstrates the level of confidence and trust our customers have in our capabilities to deliver solutions that are right for them.

What areas of the UK does Whitespace cover?

We work with organisations across the UK, from the northern isles of Scotland all the way down to the southern coasts of England. Our dedicated team of experts are distributed across the regions to provide maximum coverage and each of our customers a personal account manager who understands their needs.

What are your opening times?

Our main office is open every weekday from 09:00am – 5:30pm. We run a dedicated customer support team who operate from 7:30am until 5:30pm every weekday to support customers during their operational hours and critical support from 5:30am.

How do I onboard my team to the software?

Our team of experts train customers before a solution goes live to make sure they are comfortable with the new processes and tools available to them. We also provide self-help guides in the form of written content and videos, and posters that can be put around the office to remind teams of the new processes.

What device can I use Whitespace on?

Our solutions have been built to be used on a wide range of devices, the most common being:

  • Apple iPad
  • Samsung/Tab Active

If your device is not listed above, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 01483 231 650 or emailing info@whitespacews.com to check if your device is compatible with our software.

What information do you need from my business?

Our solutions are tailored to each situation to make the most of the available resources and ensure they meet the customer’s needs.

Please get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your requirements and what you are looking to achieve.

Can I trial Whitespace?

We do not offer any trials on our solutions but a member of our team will be happy to demo the product to you, covering all the key features and benefits it can bring to your operations.

I have questions not answered here. What should I do?

Please get in touch with a member of our team by calling 01483 231 650 or emailing info@whitespacews.com.


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