Accurate & reliable waste tracking

Whitespace smart bin sensors are designed to improve the efficiency of managing municipal waste. Smart bin sensors have a battery life of several years and are small enough to suit most bins. Using reliable Internet of Things (IoT) SIM technology to transmit real-time data, sensors show the level of waste in a container, its location and temperature.

The sensor data is analysed by Whitespace’s waste management software, and once the waste has reached a set level, a collection request is automatically raised for cleansing teams within Whitespace’s job management software.

This prevents bins overflowing by allowing street cleansing teams to target bins that require emptying. It is especially useful for locations that experience fluctuations in activity and seasonal spikes, like parks and beaches.

Targeted collections to reduce operational costs

Saves fuel and reduces impact on environment

Continue to provide reliable services to your communities at a lower cost

Data can be used to project future activity

Bins with low activity are no longer unnecessarily serviced

Bin sensors can be easily moved to other locations

Case Study

Derby City Council

Derby City Council reduced its bin collections by 53% whilst maintaining service levels

Automated Waste Management

Adding smart bin sensor information automatically to the data in Whitespace’s waste management software provides a more complete picture of waste collection operations. Integration of Whitespace software, smart bin sensors and analytics with existing systems used by local authorities enables.

Whitespace’s smart bin sensors utilise trusted, high reliability optical, geolocation and thermistor technologies to identify collection needs with unerring accuracy. This accuracy allows for optimised scheduling, reduces unnecessary collections, and achieves significant cost savings while minimising environmental impacts.

Whitespace’s intuitive software provides real-time visibility into waste collection operations, allowing data-driven decision-making and rapid responses to issues. 

Real-time bin monitoring, preventing overflows

More accurate measurement of the impacts of sustainability initiatives

More focused operational activity for waste collection crews

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