Your Fleet In Real-Time

Gain Full Visibility Into Your Fleet’s Operations

Our waste fleet management solution provides the answer for local authorities and commercial waste service providers seeking to enhance their operations and reduce costs.

  • Cutting-edge route optimisation creates the most efficient routes for waste collection, reducing fuel costs and increasing productivity.
  • A vehicle tracking system that allows you to monitor your fleet in real-time and instantly update your team with any last minute changes.
  • Automate scheduling and assign routes to specific vehicles based on location and capacity.
  • Maintenance tracking and daily checks allow you to stay on top of repairs and preventive maintenance, keeping your fleet in top condition.
  • Reporting and analytics features to track key metrics and identify areas for improvement.

Fleet Management Solutions That Work For You

Efficiency is the cornerstone of the waste industry, and we take it seriously.

Our team of specialists will conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements to ensure we select the most suitable waste fleet management solution for you. We will analyze every aspect of your waste management processes, from route management to collections, to determine the most effective solution.

Our project managers will then take charge, overseeing the implementation of the solution, with a focus on delivering it efficiently to save you both time and money. And should you need assistance, our support desk is available to provide technical support.

Waste Fleet Management Features

Real-Time Fleet Tracking

Stay informed and make smarter choices by monitoring driver and vehicle movements in real-time.

Vehicle and Driver Performance

Capture driving behaviour, idling time, ETAs and more with a fully integrated telematics system.

Route Optimisation

Maximise your fleets productivity while minimising your fuel costs by streamlining your regular routes.

Connect With The Latest Fleet Management Hardware

Partners of the UK's leading hardware suppliers

Seamlessly connect your fleet management solution with a range of hardware devices from the UK’s leading suppliers, offering the best solutions on the market for the most competitive prices. Whether you’re looking to track real-time data on your rounds progress or monitor the performance and safety of your fleet’s drivers, we can provide the hardware to suit your fleet’s requirements.

Our friendly engineers are available across the UK to ensure a smooth, hassle-free installation.

A selection of Whitespace's fleet management hardware for waste industry fleets

With Whitespace, we have complete visibility of our entire waste fleet

“Using Whitespace has allowed to us check how the crews are getting on throughout the day. If a crew is struggling we can now efficiently reallocate the work to the nearest crew in that area, allowing us to save time and fuel. “

Fleet Management Software Benefits

  • Know the exact locations of your fleet.
  • Reduce fleet operating expenses.
  • Manage your fleet data from a single platform.
  • Improved vehicle and driver safety.
  • Make more informed decisions in real-time.
  • Reduce fleet downtime.
  • Improve your environmental impact.

Ready to transform your fleet?

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