Bridging the Gap Between Councils and Communities

Connect, Engage, Resolve – A mobile app bringing your council and community closer

Engage with your community digitally through a simple and efficient resident mobile app! In today’s digital age, more than 50% of the public prefer to access information and communicate via mobile devices. This trend is only set to rise.

An All-In-One Resident Mobile App

News. Notifications. Solutions. All in one place.

The Whitespace Resident Mobile App is an app designed specifically for local councils to connect with their residents in a manner that aligns with their preferences. The resident app offers a convenient platform for residents to access local news, stay informed about waste collection services, and report community issues such as missed bin collections, graffiti, and fly tipping.

Engage and Empower Your Community

Your key to an informed, engaged, and proactive community.

Imagine a community where residents are empowered to become ‘Community Champions’, working in tandem with the council to enhance their local area. With the app’s integrated web portal, councils can analyse incoming data to identify community areas needing additional support. Regular updates can be sent to residents, leading to fewer queries, potential cost reductions, and improved resident satisfaction.

Resident Mobile App Features

Stay Informed with the Waste Collection Schedule

Residents can easily check upcoming waste collections and understand the type of waste for each bin.

Never Miss a Collection with Timely Notifications

Automatic reminders help residents put out the correct bins at the right time.

Report Community Issues with Ease

Residents can report local issues such as potholes, graffiti, and fly-tipping directly through the app.

Efficient Data Collection for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Information gathered via the app can be directly integrated into the Council’s CRM system.

Stay Updated with Local News

Residents can access Council news and Twitter feeds at their fingertips.

Promote Your Council with Custom Branding

The app can be tailored with your Council's branding and made available to residents via the App Store and Google Play.

Keeping our communities clean with champions

“We have introduced a “Community Champions” scheme across a number of contracts using Whitespace mobile. Selected members of the public are now provided access to Whitespace mobile and given the ability to report issues such as graffiti, fly tipping, etc. directly into Whitespace to be dealt with accordingly.”

Resident App Benefits

  • Residents can access all necessary information about their community in one place.
  • Fosters a sense of community by keeping residents involved and informed.
  • With real-time updates and the ability to report issues, residents are empowered to take an active role in their community.
  • Transparency and responsiveness to issues can significantly improve resident satisfaction.
  • Use data from the app to identify areas that need additional support or resources, making governance more effective and responsive.
  • Regular updates and the ability to report issues directly leads to fewer queries and complaints made through other channels, reducing costs.

See Whitespace’s Resident Mobile App in action with a personalised demo

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Discover how easy it is to set up the resident mobile app for you community and transform how you communicate with your residents.

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