Should you ‘name and shame’ residents for recycling incorrectly?

Incorrectly or unsorted recycling boxes left out can be a real efficiency issue for refuse collections. Sifting through each bin to find compatible items – whether this is done at…

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Is it Local Authorities’ job to clamp down on household waste?

We’re in the midst of a waste reduction movement, with many people trying to cut down on unnecessary packaging and single-use plastic. However, is a personal effort enough, or should…

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Are London’s all-electric vehicles the future of waste management?

More than 21,000 electric cars are now being used in the UK, with 5,000 new electric vehicles registered each month, as eco-conscious households take steps to reduce their carbon footprint….

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The London Borough of Waltham Forest awards Neighbourhood Services Contract to Urbaser and Whitespace Work Software.

Whitespace Work Software Ltd is pleased to announce it will be working with Urbaser Ltd to deliver waste collection, street cleansing and grounds maintenance services to The London Borough of…

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5 signs your waste management system is under-performing

Local Authorities are under constant pressure to deal with municipal waste effectively; often on tightening budgets. In fact, teams are so busy managing immediate problems that it’s difficult to step…

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Could blockchain be the saviour of smarter waste management?

There’s a huge buzz around blockchain at the moment, predominantly in the financial services industry – but could it also have a transformational impact on waste management? Many Local Authorities…

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How to stop Bank Holidays ruining your refuse collection strategy

For most people, Bank Holidays are something to look forward to; extra time off to spend with family and friends. For Local Authorities, however, public holidays can be a logistical…

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The Borough of Dartford reward new waste collection contract to Urbaser and Whitespace Work Software

Whitespace Work Software Ltd is pleased to announce it will be working with Urbaser Ltd to deliver waste collection and street cleansing services to The Borough of Dartford. Starting from…

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4 smart technologies that will change the future of waste management

Many analysts describe that we are living in the fourth industrial revolution, where technology is empowering people to change behaviours and processes for the better. This is certainly true in…

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DEFRA calls for greater recycling consistency

Every Local Authority has a recycling scheme in place – the problem is, it’s not always the same scheme. In some communities you can put glass out for collection, in…

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