A complete solution for the planning and management of municipal waste collections

Local authorities are required to deliver both efficient and cost-effective waste collection services to their residents. Whitespace Municipal waste management offers a full suite of features to optimise the planning and management of municipal waste collections. It can be used for anything from simple one-off tasks to demanding workflow processes and integrations. The solution delivers full auditable functions to enable in-depth reporting on your waste targets effortlessly.

Round sheets

These are automatically generated and sent directly to the waste collection crew’s in-cab device.

Ad-hoc requests

Can be sent to field teams instantly.

Record exemptions

Record useful waste data such as missed collections, contaminations, with the ability to upload photographic evidence with GPS and date/time information.


Display important information on the in-cab device such as school, assisted collections, one-way roads and access restrictions.

Real-time communication

Information is shared instantly between office staff and crew.


It links to existing council software i.e. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

90% of customer enquiries are dealt with at first contact...

…through the customer service centre due to the tight integration to the Councils CRM. The call centre staff have real time access to information such as next collection days and if any exceptions have prevented the bins being collected.


  • Significant reduction in administrative effort.
  • Reduced amount of paperwork.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Reduction in fuel costs.
  • Automated admin tasks.
  • Collates accurate information.
  • Detailed analysis and reporting.

Supporting Modules

Whitespace In-cab

Connects your waste collection crews in real-time with your back-office teams.

Using the in-cab device, field teams can update the status of their jobs, and send any feedback and images.

Once a job is completed, the in-cab device will automatically update the back-office system instantly.

Whitespace Analytics

Accurately analyses your collections.

Field teams can record valuable information for their municipalities like waste contamination, missed bins and timescales for teams to complete their rounds.

This information is presented through visual aids like graphs and heat maps, helping you make strategic decisions to improve your services’ efficiency.


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