Everyone needs standards: Whitespace achieves ISO 14001 certification

Standardising environmental practices within our business

Demonstrating exemplary governance is a necessity for delivering citizen services because it establishes a foundation of trust, accountability, transparency, and ethical behaviour. It also ensures public resources are managed effectively and that decisions are made with the best interests of communities in mind.

As local authorities (LAs) look to third-party organisations to supply specialised services, one of the best ways of supporting the ideals of good governance is to partner with businesses that have adopted ISO standards.

Whitespace is pleased to announce that it has now formally achieved certification in  ISO/IEC 14001 and related standards for environmental management. We have been an environmentally conscious business, ever since we were founded. For example, we have invested in certified carbon offsetting to achieve carbon neutral status for several years.

However, as a business in the waste management sector, we saw achieving formal certification as an important step. This aligns what we do as a business with the ultimate objective of helping our clients to deliver better environmental services.

The achievement of formal ISO 14001 certification means that we have now adopted standardised practices that continually drive the effort to minimise our carbon footprint and environmental impact. This includes infrastructure measures, such as dedicated bins for waste and recycling, reduction targets for energy usage, and carbon trading to offset the carbon that we do produce.

What other certification standards have we achieved?

Achieving the standard for ISO/IEC 14001 environmental management builds on the other important certifications that Whitespace has already gained:

  • ISO 9000 quality management system, the internationally recognised standard for promoting the consistent quality of products and services. This is generally applied to ensure that our solutions are fit for purpose.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard for managing information security. The internet is the backbone of communication and transactions in the digital economy. Compliance with information security standards is an essential for any business that manages critical business data or the personal information of individuals. As a technology services business, such industry-standard certification underwrites the integrity of our services.
  • ISO/IEC 30071-1 is a code of practice for creating accessible ICT products and services. This supports people with a range of disabilities, enabling them to interact and access the functionality of websites, desktop applications and mobile apps that we develop for local authority clients. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.1 are especially relevant here in shaping accessible web design.
  • PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a major information security standard used for processing card payments for major card brands. This is an essential standard for guaranteeing the security of LA and citizen card transaction processing.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus is a government backed scheme that ensures organisations have implemented security measures in their networks, devices and IT infrastructure in order to guard against the most common cyber security threats and demonstrate commitment to cyber security.

Beyond the minimum requirement: Not a ‘tick box’ exercise

Sometimes ISO certification is characterised as a ‘tick box’ exercise. In essence, some organisations do not fully embrace the truest aims of standardisation. Certification is often simply a means to an end, supporting their participation in business activities such as bid and tender processes and the submission of RFPs.

Whitespace does not regard ISO certification as a ‘tick box’ exercise. Working closely alongside our clients, we are part of a community that is driving lasting change to waste management efficiency and practice. Whitespace sees ISO certification as part of who we are as a team, and what we deliver as a business. So, we don’t just do the bare minimum to tick the boxes. We go way beyond what is required, making sure that pursuing certification lets us deliver the maximum value and benefit to our clients.

Technology that exceeds international standards from Whitespace

From initial consultancy right through to final delivery of turnkey waste management solutions, you can be sure of quality and performance. When it’s got our name on it you can be sure it’s designed, engineered and supported to exceed the requirements of internationally recognised standards.

Whitespace is the UK’s partner of choice for developing technology solutions that address the logistical problems of waste management. To find out more about Whitespace Municipal Waste Management solutions, please get in touch by calling us on +44 (0)1483 231 650 or emailing us at info@whitespacews.com



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