The London Borough of Tower Hamlets council has awarded its waste management contract to Whitespace Work Software

Whitespace Work Software Ltd is excited to be working with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to deliver municipal, commercial and environmental waste collection services to its local residents.

The client

Tower Hamlets is a local authority situated in East London, covering much of the traditional East End and is home to over 317,000 residents. The borough includes a number of London’s famous attractions including the Tower of London, Columbia Road Flower Market and Victoria Park.

The challenge

The council decided to bring its waste management services in-house following recommendations in a cabinet report from 2018. The new arrangement would allow them to improve services for residents while coping with challenges such as a growing population and the need to saves costs. Over the next ten years the population is projected to shoot up from 317,000 to 371,000. The number of businesses and people working here is likely to increase, which will increase the amount of waste that the council needs to collect and dispose of.  In order to meet these goals however, a new system needed to be implemented that would allow the council to effectively manage the services.

The solution

Whitespace’s system allows Tower Hamlets to manage their waste collection services through a user-friendly interface. Scheduled rounds are automatically sent to waste collection crews and customer service teams can accurately monitor the progress as information flows in real-time between the teams, including reviewing notes sent by the collection teams regarding specific properties eg bin not out or contaminated waste.

Supporting the core system is Whitespace Mobile, a range of tailored, digital forms that will eliminate the reliance on paper copies and improve quality of the data collected.

  • Whitespace Municipal Waste – to meet the back-office requirements for effectively managing a modern household waste and recycling collection and street cleansing service
  • Whitespace Commercial– to meet the back-office requirements for managing commercial waste contract and collections
  • Whitespace Environmental– to meet the back-office requirements of grounds maintenance services amongst other environmental activities
  • Whitespace Mobile – to link the crews to the back office and deliver the in-cab operations and vehicle checks
  • Whitespace Analytics – to provide end-users with easy to use business intelligence tools and management reporting capabilities

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