Local authorities and public-sector waste removal contractors need a complete waste management solution which can help streamline processes for maximum day-to-day project efficiency and improved team productivity.

Both in the field and the office, waste management providers need an environmental tracking software which connects team members with a complete, easy-to-operate software which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Why Choose Whitespace?

There’s lots of choice when it comes to process management platforms, but Whitespace’s environmental tracking software is purpose-built for your needs as a waste management provider.

With Whitespace you can:

  • Streamline your business processes
  • Boost team productivity
  • Improve employee and customer comms

From commercial and municipal to environmental waste, whatever your speciality in the waste management sector, Whitespace can help you keep track.

Whitespace features

Track the numbers

Getting to grips with your data and analytics is a time-consuming task which can mean your team management resources become stretched. For leaders in waste collection, it’s important to crack the numbers to understand where your team are meeting targets, as well as where there’s room for improvement.

Whitespace’s analytics tool helps waste collection leaders easily understand the performance of their team with self-automated reports and bespoke visual aids, without sacrificing detail.

Track the team

For waste collection managers, keeping tabs on the team while they’re out on a round can be difficult, with business leaders often feeling like they’re completely in the dark. A barrier to communication and effective leadership, this is a roadblock that can leave a team disjointed and inefficient.

Whitespace helps team leaders and managers keep tabs on their employees’ location, even when they’re out on a collection route, with its telematics feature. This allows senior staff to plan, make decisions and communicate with customers based on accurate progress reports and ETA’s.

Track your progress

The demand for waste management services is on the rise. Ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and offer the best possible service to clients is imperative. To ensure you’re taking every opportunity to improve on both a personal and company level, tracking progress is key.

Whitespace makes tracking your teams’ progress quick and straight-forward. With the potential to create monitored KPIs, use previous figures from your analytics to set goals and monitor daily performance in a matter of minutes, Whitespace environmental tracking software is designed to help your business excel.


Manage Work

Manage Work

Re-allocate work to the appropriate team

Improve Communication

Improve Communication

Real-time communication with office staff, supervisors and collection crews

Round Sheets

Round Sheets

Automatic generation of round sheets sent to the crew’s in-cab device

Ad-Hoc Requests

Ad-Hoc Requests

A worksheet function to simplify ad-hoc requests handling

Reduce Paperwork

Reduce Paperwork

Facilities to reduce the amount of paperwork

Record Complaints

Record Complaints

Recording and managing complaints

Read what our clients have to say

Serco – Sandwell Testimonial

“We have used the Whitespace Analytics solution to identify hotspot areas for dog fouling, as a result enforcement officers have been deployed in problem areas which has seen a dramatic reduction in dog fouling issues.”

Serco – Sandwell

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