Why Whitespace Connect?

There is little doubt that many within the environmental services industry are like-minded, passionate and genuinely driven by the issues. To meet the environmental challenges we face, this motivation needs to be channelled through a pragmatic approach.

Effecting sudden sweeping change is unrealistic. The change agenda is very much about the development and migration of systems and processes over time to increase efficiency and minimise the impacts of human activity on the environment, all within our existing commercial and legislative frameworks.

However, perhaps the biggest obstacle is that it requires a change of mindset for the general population. It is the behaviour of residents as consumers where the process of behavioural change needs to accelerate if we are to succeed in realising a more circular economy.

Whitespace Connect is a hub for waste management professionals that brings these threads together.

What is Whitespace Connect?

Sharing Experiences

Our clients share what has been achieved, and learned including performance, results and experiences, providing the inspiration for others to catch up with those who have forged ahead.

Melting Pot

Whitespace Connect is a crucible, a melting pot where ideas and concepts are floated, refined, peer-reviewed and cross fertilised. Ultimately, our aim is to see that the best are brought to life!

Technology & Data

In a world that is now defined by data, technology is pivotal to solving our waste management challenges. Engage with Whitespace waste management software and systems experts, as well as those from our delivery partners.


Behavioural change is often elusive. Through communication and education – using technology to effectively ‘market’ what residents need to do from their side – we believe meaningful change is possible and cannot not be denied.

Innovation Hub

One of the pillars of true innovation is to realise value. Whitespace Connect is a hub that blends knowledge, skills and ideas to drive technology innovation within the confines of existing commercial and financial frameworks.

Think Tank

A platform that brings together people who are driven to forward the cause of improving waste management and the larger ambitions of the circular economy and environmental protection.

Whitespace Connect Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

The Whitespace Connect events are organised on a regional basis and take the form of one-day seminars. Speakers and presenters may be from any part of the community.

Whitespace team members, our customers in local government and industry, as well as our strategic partners, are all involved in delivering a structured program of presented content alongside informal Q&A sessions, with complimentary refreshments and food.

Calendar of Events

  • South – 15th March 2023
  • North – 16th March 2023

Some Whitespace Connect Topics

Fleet Electrification

Electrifying your fleet of waste management vehicles More…

Covid Impacts

Reviewing the outputs resulting from Covid More…

Resources & Waste

Resources and waste strategy – key challenges More…

Automating & Connecting

Automating and connecting communities More…

Resident Engagement

Communicating and engaging with residents More…

Case Studies

Examples of exemplary customer success More…

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