6 reasons why you should be managing municipal waste through digital apps

As a society, we’ve never relied more heavily on mobile applications. The average person has 60-90 apps installed on their phone, and the rise of contactless communications is encouraging people more than ever to make digital interactions. Yet, few local authorities are taking advantage of Britain’s continually growing app culture.

There are many reasons why councils should look at digital apps to coordinate essential services such as waste management – here are a few key benefits to consider:

1. It’s the most effective way to reach local households

8 in 10 adults own a smartphone, with the average Briton spending more than two and a half hours each day browsing their mobile. It’s surprising that more local authorities aren’t engaging people through the device they rely on most!

A waste management mobile app is a quick and effective way to provide households in your community with important information, delivered in an easy-to-read format that’s available – quite literally – at their fingertips.

2. It puts important information in one place

In addition to being easily accessible, a mobile waste management app is a useful way to centralise all your updates on refuse collections and other waste services.

Putting all your waste management details onto a mobile app creates a better user experience, and also cuts down on the number of people getting in touch because they can’t find the information they need on your website or mailings.

3. It can be updated in real time

Managing waste efficiently means reacting to what’s happening in your region – from a particularly large collection on a certain street, to fly tipping in local woodland. Dealing with these extraordinary requirements can impact collection times and capabilities.

Channelling all your waste management data through a mobile app makes it easy to tell residents what’s happening with refuse collections in real time, to manage their expectations.

A great example of this is when weather affects collection times. If it’s very hot, you may wish to send crews out early-on to avoid peak sunshine hours; residents will need to know this in advance, so they can put their bins out on time.

4. It provides a quick route to resident feedback

Good waste management doesn’t just mean running a tight ship; it’s also vital that your team listens to the opinions of local residents, to continually deliver value.

A mobile waste management application is a really effective way to encourage two-way communication between your staff and the community. Residents can tap their app and leave instant feedback, giving you an accurate snapshot of how happy people are with the services you’re offering.

5. It’s waste free!

Waste management teams are under pressure, so anything you can do to minimise the volume of refuse being left out will go down well with collection crews.

Rather than printing marketing materials and information leaflets that wind up in the bin once they’re finished with, going digital with waste management services prevents your own collateral from adding to the pile. Plus, it’s much friendlier for the environment.

6. It builds relationships

Mobile waste management apps don’t have to focus solely on collection details. They are a platform for your content, and your team can use it however they see fit to build relationships in the neighbourhood.

For example, the Whitespace Resident Mobile App includes a reporting feature. Through our app, people can work alongside council officials, to improve waste disposal in your local area effectivity becoming community champions.

Now is the time to embrace waste management apps

As these benefits show, a mobile app can be a powerful tool for engaging households and running operations efficiently. Many local authorities have already invested in application software, but are yet to go live with the technology; there’s never been a better time to finally get stuck in!

If you’re interested in launching a waste management app, or you’ve got the system but haven’t launched anything, Whitespace can help. Our resident mobile app is designed to connect households with news and updates, and allow them to report local issues such as fly tipping, graffiti and missed bins collections.

By running all your communications through a digital app, your waste management team can understand exactly what the community requires, reacting to local conditions in real-time. They can also cut down on the number of enquiries you manage each week. It’s a compelling case for investment!

Whitespace Resident Mobile App enhances the way you manage refuse and recycling requirements. Book your free demo now.

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